A poem for your first birthday

When you were born our dreams came true,

Our lives were fulfilled and our future grew.

You opened your eyes and took your first air,

And all we could do was love you and stare.

This is us now, three not two,

New parents with just no clue what to do,

All sorts of crazy and it’s going to take time,

But you are a fighter and life will be fine.

In the weeks that passed I held you and cried,

But soon I healed and all the fear died.

We swayed to music and walked with the pram,

Showing you to everyone, our brave little man.

The sickness was hard but when you started to eat,

You developed a new spark and it was so dam sweet.

You started to giggle, babble and move,

You had such a point to prove

‘I am here mummy and this is now me’

‘I am noisy and messy, we’ll have fun you’ll see’.

And we did Harris, you became my best friend,

Maternity leave which I didn’t want to end.

Today is your birthday, 12 months have flown,

I can’t believe how much you’ve embraced life and grown.

And when you are older, see all you can through those eyes,

Have a big adventure but please remain wise.

Because you are so precious and all we talk of,

There’s nothing stronger than a parent’s love.








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