Where have YOU gone?

I am losing a sense of myself and it’s no wonder with all the things that need to be juggled right now. 

If someone can remind me what the actual joys of raising a tiny human are that would be great.
Before Harris was born I’d have free weekends with the hubby to unwind, I’d be playing netball competitively during the week and would even stretch to long walks with the dog.

I went in to my first pregnancy with a happy mind and healthy body. I wasn’t really affected by sickness, just a bit of nausea so my diet never changed either. I was lucky.

However, this time round it’s a different story. I was as sick as a dog for about 17 weeks, team that with working hard four days a week, general preggo tiredness, oh and a crazy one year old tearing up the house when I get home it’s no wonder I feel like crap. I have no chat and am so exhausted that I can’t even be bothered to fix a nice healthy dinner.

But wait… am I just a PR consultant by day, mum and wifey and then cleaner/kid’s entertainer at the weekend? No I am not. It suddenly dawned on me that I needed to take a step away from obligations and focus on myself. If my general happiness and energy levels are down, then there’s only me that can do something about it.

I jotted down really simple things that would make life a little easier. Three weeks in and its starting to work. I’m slowly beginning to find a balance.

A simple plan. Draw these headings on a pad of paper and jot down easy wins. Mine ranged from things I could do to make my life easier to planning a date or break to look forward to.

A few favourite’s that have definitely made an impact:

Bath time and book

We have bed time absolutely nailed for our little one so applied a little of that to my own routine. Once a week I run myself a bath, light some candles and soak with a face mask while I read a chapter of a book. I’m not going to lie, I can still hear my elephant footed husband downstairs who is shouting up random things like “Em, what am I gonna cook for tea?” or “Have I got any socks left?” God forbid anyone is ever left to fend for themselves in this house.

Antenatal yoga

Despite its popularity, I have never given yoga much thought. The only visions I have are stretching limbs that don’t want to be stretched and perhaps a little embarrassing trump from somewhere in the class. But with limited drive to go do some antenatal exercise, I thought I’d try a specialist yoga course for pregnant ladies. Focusing on breathing and specific poses help create a higher level of awareness and mindfulness. In English, I feel like I’ve had some ‘me time’ to just to empty the brain.


Speaking of the mind, I do feel that as women, we have way too much on our minds. Most of it is absolute tripe too. Will the world really end if I don’t send that email right now? Probably not. In a sense, it feels like we are all being educated about self-care right now, slowly beginning to find balance within our busy lives. But I’m not the kind of girl that can meditate, I’d either engage my brain to ponder on all life’s little worries or fall asleep. The Headspace app is a great place to start. You can download the app for free and take 10 sessions of 10 minutes each, learning how to train your mind for a happier, healthier life. Winner.

Digital downtown after nine

Lacking time and energy and just find yourself flicking through pointless feeds on social media? Yup guilty. Not only am I guilty but I could actually be chatting with my nearest and dearest instead. Mark and I are trying to execute ‘no internet/tablet/social media after 9pm’. It’s harder than it sounds. Close safari and Facebook and cuddle up with the hubby or call a friend instead. Bet they won’t be expecting it and it’s so good to have a quality catch up.


It’s tough when there’s no spare pennies but sometimes you need some R&R. Before I found out I was pregnant with my first, I had booked tickets to see Foo Fighters in Amsterdam so at 30 weeks, I was rocking out with Dave Grohl – no wonder Harris wants to drum on everything! It was a fab getaway seeing all the city had to offer. This time, I just want to sit down, sleep and eat in peace – potentially get some freckles too. Thanks to some excellent grandparent services, we’ve booked a four day break away on the cheap and I automatically feel happier!

Emma x


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