I wouldn’t change my children for the world but I wish I could change the world for my children.

Today’s blog post was meant to expose my light-hearted concerns about becoming a ‘two under two’ household. However, following last night’s callous and evil attack, parents are today without the most precious things in their lives – their children.

I have no idea how one even goes about coping with the aftermath. The loss of loved ones, the trauma of injuries, the psychological impact those present at Manchester arena will now endure forever and the very fact that this was a calculated terrorist attack upon families and children.

As the news unfolded this morning it gripped the nation and dominated my day. The first two victims were young girls, just 8 and 18 years of age. Both lived just down the road. They won’t grow up to do the things I did. They can’t now have the opportunities to live life to the full like my children will hopefully do.

As a child, I never imagined that all the real monsters in the world would be humans and at 36 weeks pregnant I sat and wondered how we can protect our children from this type of sick hatred and violence. I can’t even stop my first-born, Harris, from falling over and banging his head, so how can I keep him safe in this fractious world?

As we quietly take account of what’s happened we can observe how communities can come together. The cohesive nature of humans who stand shoulder to shoulder against terrorism and evil acts can help shape our children’s future.

It’s been overwhelming to see that so many people had heavy hearts after hearing of the news but acted fast to help. Some opened their doors to provide shelter, nurses and doctors ran to the hospitals to support on their days off, while masses of people on social media helped try to reconnect missing youngsters with their desperate families. Manchester and all those who have its people in their hearts are showing defiance. We simply can’t allow our children to live in fear.

Before I next dread the likelihood of down days, tiredness and everything that becoming a parent of two very young children will no doubt bring, I’ll remind myself how lucky I am to have them in my life. How privileged I am to help them grow into kind, loving and respectful human beings.

Tonight, and for many more days and nights to come, let’s squeeze our family a little tighter and love them for longer.


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