A day in the life of two under two

A day in the life of two under two

People keep asking me what it's like to have two under two. Perhaps it's because they are thinking of having another baby or maybe  they need a reason to wait a few years first. 

I thought I'd bring you all right up-to-date by documenting a very standard day in the Rawly house, via a set of completely unfiltered images. 

Firstly, baby two (that's 11 week old Rosa-May) isn't yet big enough to sleep through so we were awake 11.45pm, 3.30am and then a police helicopter circled over at 5am which woke her again. Got her back to sleep and then number one (Harris) started shouting and throwing things out of his cot. I dragged myself out of bed (again) and changed his nappy while being kicked in the face, then gave him his morning drink. It's not long before Rosa-May is awake and wanting her milk so I whack Peppa Pig on the iPad so it entertains the first-born for all of two minutes. I change Rosa-May's nappy and get her to the safety of her rocker. Harris is chasing my dog with his truck and Rosa-May gives me this face because she's done a poo!Cheers for that. While I'm doing the third nappy of the morning, Harris eats his brekki feeding most of it to the dog and the floor. 

It's raining, like REALLY raining so Harris has decided that he needs his wellies on and wants to go outside. Obviously it's only 8.30am and we are all in pjs so that's not going to happen. The wellies also don't fit him so meltdown number one takes place.We signed up to a morning exercise class so I throw some clothes on and down a cold coffee but as I do, this happens ...Harris likes hiding things in Rosa's Moses basket so I can't really leave him for long. Think it was sudacrem this time. I fish it out and he pinches my glasses and breaks them for me. I spy the sudacrem wedged behind that sofa Harris! Finally I get him changed and have the daily 'brush your teeth battle' but when I do, he also does a morning toilet sesh and so I start all over again. 

I bundle them into the car, put some nursery rhymes on and manage to get us to the class just in time...massive win.

Harris doesn't let me do the dance/exercise routine though, he doesn't want to play with the other children either. They have already swiped his car and crocodile so I put Rosa-May in the pram and do squats and lunges with Harris in my arms instead. I'm literally dying now. Luckily an apple provides me with an opportunity to continue the class without him stuck to me.As we leave and approach the car, not only is there no room for me to get Rosa-May's car seat in thanks to the Audi parked literally on top of my car but the joyous apple has been dropped on the floor! Meltdown number two of the day happens as I try and explain it's now dirty. Thankfully some lovely mums from the exercise class stay with Rosa-May while I wrestle,the now screaming first-born, into the car and reverse it. 

I get home and chug a glass of water while realising my dog hasn't even been for a wee or been fed yet and it's 11am. I also survey the damage of the weetabix and cereal dotted on the walls and book shelf before doing even more nappy changes. Harris goes for a sleep while I get some smiles from my second-born. Ahhhhh all is calm. The mess that surrounds me can wait, I'm very lucky to have these two crazies. But wait...I've recently given up breast feeding and so there's now bottles to sterilise.I prepare Harris' lunch (vegetable risotto) and Rosa's millionth feed while I eat my own lunch which is this..

Over lunch I have been praying for sunshine because the very thought of being in the house for the rest of the day frightens the hell out of me (you'll understand one day.) Thankfully it brightens up so I can start the military operation which is 'get two children and a dog ready for a walk' - and safely. It's taken time to master this in order to prevent an extension lead getting wrapped around a pram and a toddler with only one shoe on. At this point I question whether I've actually been for a wee myself today. 

Like an angel from the skies my mum turns up and so we all go for a walk and to the park together. Other than getting caught in a small shower and my dog running through every muddy puddle there is, we complete the four mile walk relatively unscathed. Mum stays long enough for me to wash my disgustingly muddy dog. I then get to watch Harris mastering head stands and we giggle as we play hide and seek. It's not long before it's Rosa's turn to cry. For some reason Harris copies so they both scream (very loudly and I nearly join them) while I frantically try and prioritise their needs. Harris' dinner isn't yet made, Rosa-May might need a massive burp and the dog is still running round having not been dried so everything now has a lovely wet dog smell. After the screaming, the feeding, the tidying away from the feeding and some words practice, we get that horrid text....the one where the hubby says his train is delayed. Noooooooooooooo, *hits head with palm and swears a little. 

Better think of something entertaining so we can survive until bath time so I tip the magazines off the coffee tray and zoom Harris round on the carpet. He did enjoy it I promise...

 So that's the end of the day, just the night to go with the little energy that's left. While it's tough it's also extremely rewarding and I wouldn't change it for the world. These littlies are my absolute everything. However, if you want to join the very crazy and unique club that is #twoundertwo be prepared to feel like you've been hit by a bus by the end of the week.

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