Baby moon: Malta, the beard and the missing case

Baby moon: Malta, the beard and the missing case

I said that three’s a crowd and the beard wasn’t coming on our little break to Malta but it travelled with us anyway. I must be losing my touch! Apparently Mark was going to trim it while we were away because he hadn’t had time. Imagine his delight when our case, with absolutely everything in it including said beard trimmer, didn’t actually make the plane. I on the other hand was a little more peeved.
After waiting an age for the big battered red case to show itself on the conveyor belt, I enquired whether there was still another batch of luggage to arrive, only to be told (by a lady who was way too happy to be delivering bad news) that our case would arrive the next day – Gutted! I had black leggings on, with a black t-shirt, a leather jacket and a baseball cap. 

Hindsight’s a great thing and of course if I’d have known what complete muppets worked in the baggage section I would have packed my flight bag a little better. Unfortunately all I had in there were books, magazines, sweets and a flight pillow. We’d missed our transfer too because we’d been in baggage reclaim for so long.

Somehow an element of calm was instilled despite the raging hormones running around my body. The pregnancy card worked a treat when it came to pulling on the heart strings of the transfer company. A crazy man took us privately to our hotel. He seemed to like driving like a complete lunatic and was on the other side of the road a lot of the time. It did mean we got there quicker and could enjoy the sunshine.

We bought Mark some flip flops, shorts and suncream and hit Mellieha Bay beach which sat right in front of the hotel. 

We also upgraded our hotel room so if the worst came to the worst we could sit out on a large balcony in our underwear in complete privacy. It had a great view of the bay. Ordering room service for breakfast the next day meant I didn’t have to sit with all the fresh-smelling guests in their gorgeous holiday attire.

The case still hadn’t arrived by 11.30am so when it clouded over we decided to take a trip on the bus to St Julian’s Bay, Spinola and Paceville. This was meant to be a relaxing babymoon where we ate, slept and slept some more but didn’t take me long to go off exploring with my camera.

In Malta, you can get the bus with ease for 1euro 50. I found the island to be a bit rough around the edges, lots of people who have visited say ‘you either love it or you hate it’ but if you ignore the concrete/scruffy areas in between the beauty spots I’m sure you’ll enjoy the island just as much as we did, it’s honestly stunning. Even when the sun goes in, the water remains a beautiful turquoise colour. It’s no wonder Malta is famed for its coastline. Blockbusters such as Troy, the Gladiator and Game of Thrones were filmed there too.

My tweets to EasyJet remained unanswered and although the case had arrived in Malta in the morning, when we returned to the hotel, it still hadn’t made it. You can’t speak to a human – no one wants to take the responsibility so you have to wait for email contact with bated breath for an update. Our case finally arrived at 10pm that evening so had to dine in the same clothes AGAIN (just minus the baseball cap). I’d found a skirt but was a tad livid that I looked and felt gross.

On the third day we went to the fortified cities of Rabat and Mdina. The shuttle was super-easy and it was a lovely day trip out. Unfortunately the beard was still with us – not quite sure how I let this happen. I must have been distracted.

The view from the top of the hill is immense, such a unique place to visit and discover more of Maltese history. You can grab a horse and cart journey to be shown the sites and explore extensive burial grounds in St Paul’s and St Agatha’s catacombs. While it was interesting, there are over 30 of them and they all look the same! Found two fabulous places to eat there if you are ever visiting. Palazzo de Piro’s café which boasts spectacular views from its terrace, the menu includes great wines, lunches and substantial dishes. Then there’s Fontanella Tea Garden which came highly recommended for its delicious cakes. 

On the last day, the sun came out again so we rested up around the pool. We ate a lot that day to make use of the all-inclusive offer and baby 2 got a bit of a sugar rush while I downed lots of mocktails.


I got bored after lunch so we walked over the hill nearby to grab a great view of Gozo and seek out one of the best beaches on the island – Paradise Bay. I managed to wear most of my suitcase contents in the second half of our trip away, just to make a point.

In summary, the beard stayed with us the whole time, if I did it again I would pack essentials in my hand luggage and a babymoon, no matter how short, is the perfect way to reconnect with your other half when life gets crazy. We’ll definitely be making more effort to spend quality time together every so often.

Some tips for those going on a European babymoon:

· Don’t panic, the flight is a great way to relax. You get to read magazines/books, listen to music uninterrupted and have a giggle. Whereas at home I have a toddler attached to me at all times.

· Request a ‘fit to fly’ letter from your doctor. This just covers you if you are over 28 weeks pregnant. The flight attendants didn’t ask me to show it to them but I’m glad I had it as a back-up because they could have easily refused to let me fly.

· Reserve extra leg room on the plane. So glad I invested £15 so I could stretch out and do some leg exercises during the flight. You aren’t permitted to have an emergency exit seat on most flights if you are pregnant but you can book the others.

· Most travel insurers won’t cover you for birth abroad and so if anything was to happen, care fees could end up costing you the earth. This isn’t necessary but having delivered my first baby at 36 weeks I decided to take extra protection and found a firm that specialises in travel insurance for pregnancy. Click here.

· Pack your necessities in your hand luggage. Think maternity beachwear/bikini, suncream, lip balm, vitamins, flip-flops, small toiletries and your pregnancy notes!

· My hubby decided to start snoring recently but you can block out the Darth Vader’s and other background noise with some good earplugs.

· Make sure the hotel has wifi so you can Facetime a little monkey you’ve left at home. (Dog or baby)

Feel free to comment with your own tips and tricks.


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