Little Miss Rawly's room

Little Miss Rawly's room

It's official, I've never been as pregnant but making 38 weeks offers me a great sigh of relief as I now know that I may be able to access the birthing centre this time and have an altogether different delivery experience. Fingers crossed!

Getting ready to bring a new little bubba into the world is both exciting and frightening. I don't have the fear of the unknown because I've been through it before but I honestly wouldn't have the foggiest when it comes to what natural labour pains feel like. When Harris decided to rupture my waters a month early, I had two failed inductions and was then put on an oxytocin drip which forced my body to react. This time I'm sat around with stabbing pains in my ribs and down below wondering when the epic event is going to start.

The thought of having 'two under two' is pretty overwhelming. Maybe it should come with it's own manual. One with diagrams, lists, how-to's and emergency numbers surely?

The good news is this time team Rawly is prepared. My birthing bag is packed, the car seat is in, the moses basket is up and I'm on maternity leave. The nursery is nearly complete too.

The poor hubby had to abort his 'boy room - come study' plans and instead we've injected a girly haven for our impending princess. I've gone for neutral tones with a splash of pink - well it's as close to pink as I'll ever get actually.

It's not really themed but I spotted the Cole & Son wallpaper a long time ago and instantly thought it could look like an enchanted wood with a few accessories. I bought some gold spots from Etsy and added them to the paper to make it more child-friendly and on the opposite wall added colour and a few more dots.

In terms of furniture, we didn't opt for the cot/drawers/wardrobe bundle because the room is small and so wanted it to remain light and airy. A hanger can store clothes and a drawer at the bottom is perfect for bedding, while a cot changer is placed on top of the cot to save on space. The book case is also used for storage with vest tops, sleep suits and muslins rolled into boxes. All the furniture is from the Lawson range at Mamas & Papas.

The nursery is equipped with things I really need this time round too; a feeding chair, low lighting, black out blind, cot, clothes and changing area.

There are some added little beauties such as; organic teethers, a teething necklace, gorgeous booties, blankets, outfits, soft toys, prints and Burt's Bees toiletries for babies.

My friend has just launched Pops & Ozzy, a unique site where you can discover beautifully designed, ethically produced apparel, toys, and accessories for the children in your life. The knotted sleeping gown is one of my favourite items as it swaddles baby into a magic mermaid.

All we need now is the star of the show herself. We can't wait to meet you my princess. Seriously though, mummy is ready and getting a tad fed-up so start making your way please.


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