Mrs Rawlinson

Breast feeding can come easy to some and be a difficult journey for others. That's because every baby is different. You will always discover what is best for you both.

To make life a little easier, give yourself a great start by arming yourself with a box full of essentials. This breast feeding starter kit is packed with products made for new mums who want to give breast feeding a go.

It contains;
- Lactation cookie dry mix created by renowned baker and mama, Jessie Bakes Clean which offers a delicious way of easing the lactation experience and also enhancing milk supply. Not only does this tried and tested pouch of dry mix promote milk supply via 'galactagogues' but the ingredients are also proven to help combat fatigue and the baby blues.
The cookies are so easy to make, just add water and coconut oil.

- A natural deodorant that actually works, leaving you smelling fresh and feeling dry. This breast feeding safe deodorant contains coconut oil which has deep cleansing properties making it the ultimate skin cleanser and shea butter naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, perfect for the sensitive skin area under the arm - especially after shaving.

- Mama’s Milk Tea, a natural brew which has been used for centuries to aid women and their babies. In addition to supporting breast feeding and enhancing milk supply, the tea can soothe infant colic too. It’s an organic herbal blend of Fennel, Nettle leaf, Raspberry leaf, Fenugreek, Holy Thistle and Alfalfa.

- ‘world's greatest mother’ pin to remind you that you are totally nailing it, whatever life throws at you. This lovely shiny little enamel pin features a hand-drawn design and rubber clasp, the perfect stylish addition for a nappy pouch, jacket or changing bag.

- Boobie shot of coconut sugar hot chocolate to give your energy levels a boost when you need it the most.

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