Lactation cookie mix

Jessie Bakes Clean

Breast feeding can come easy to some and be a difficult journey for others. That's because every baby is different. You will always end up discovering what is best for you both.

Thankfully, lactation cookies designed by renowned baker and mama, Jessie Bakes Clean, offer a delicious way of easing the lactation experience and also enhancing milk supply.

Not only does this tried and tested pouch of dry mix promote milk supply via 'galactagogues' but the ingredients are also proven to help combat fatigue and the baby blues.

The cookies are so easy to make, just add water and coconut oil. Instructions for baking detailed on the back of the mix. 

The cookie pouch is a great treat to have in your armoury as a new mummy but can make a welcome gift for a friend too.

Ingredients include; oats, coconut sugar, brewers yeast, Fenugreek, flax, chia and cocoa nibs. 

Organic and vegan friendly.